Monsters! was written over a period of 3 days in the summer of 2015. I challenged myself to write a work for band at the grade 2 level, and to write one movement a day. The result was Monsters!

I. Big Foot
II. Nessie (Loch Ness Monster)
III. Aliens

Big Foot starts with the whole band almost yelling “BIG FOOT!” followed by a scream. As the giant walks away, the hunters’ theme is heard by solo voices as they move about the woods searching. All of a sudden we get a good look, and scream in terror!

Nessie is most likely a remnant of the dinosaur era and is probably a plesiosaurs. Her head, 4 flippers, and tail make 6 moving parts, so this movement is in 6/4 time – depicting her graceful motion under water. However just before we see her, she disappears beneath the surface forever.

Aliens come in many different varieties, but these ones are here to abduct us! After the UFO lands, they come out looking for the perfect specimen before taking off in their flying saucer. In the stillness, we are left alone not sure what we just saw – but we are definitely not alone.


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Big Foot



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