Songs and Dances

Stravinsky said all music is either a song or a dance. As I thought about this, I though “Why try to prove him wrong?” So I wrote a suite of songs and dances to prove him right.

After a quick Introduction, a 12-tone Waltz starts. I had asked a friend to order the numbers 1-12 in any way and used his row. I am not strict, however, with true 12-tone rules and do repeat tones as embellishments and in harmonies.

Canticle uses octatonic and whole tone scales, serialized chords, notes, rhythms, and dynamics, retrogrades, and inversions to create a sound world. The idea is that the music always exists, we simply interrupt it and engage with it for a few minutes before moving on to the next idea.

Pastorale – Shepherd’s Song is a “palate cleanser” movement that depicts a pastoral scene in which a Shepherd daydreams about love. He plays a song on his pipes while the wind blows around him in a lush field.

What is a March but a dance? This is a rondo-style march that utilizes whole-tone scales and several instrument colors to create a Stravinsky-like finale proving Igor right – all music is either a song, or a dance.

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