After a several year hiatus of really composing music, I decided that January 2019 was a great time to start back up again.  Using a random mood generator, as well as randomizing a list of 31 instruments, I have written a short solo for each instrument, one per day.  Some are good, some aren’t, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting back into composing.  Click the titles of each solo to see the music, click play to hear rather bad MIDI recordings.  Some of the solos have been recorded – click the links to see!


Alto Saxophone Solo – Friendly, but many mistake it for being angry

Bass Trombone Solo – Unfriendly – which unconciously conceals being sociable.

Euphonium Solo – Humble on the surface, but hostile underneath.

Live performance by Tim Clement.

Horn Solo – Affectionate on the surface, but angry underneath.

Piano Solo – Envious and creative.

Clarinet Solo – Extremely Playful

Trombone Solo – Creative and antisocial.

Contrabassoon Solo – Creative and humble.

Bassoon Solo – Intrigued on the surface, but uncomfortable underneath.

Baritone Saxophone Solo – Sociable

Flute Solo – Somber

Alto or Bass Flute Solo – Hopeless

Live performance by Nicole J. Rawding

Tuba Solo – Envious

Mallet Percussion Solo – Incredibly agitated

Live Performance by Timothy Burns

Harp Solo – Friendly

Drum Set Solo – Ambitious – which unconciously conceals being bored.

Recorder Solo – Agitated

Live Performance by Timothy Burns on Alto Recorder

Flugelhorn or Cornet Solo – Nostalgic

Live Performance by Michelle Kingston

Piccolo Solo – Affectionate

Live Performnace by Nicole J. Rawding (and cats Anima, Vesta, and Odin)

Voice Solo – Very unfriendly

Bass Clarinet Solo – Evasive

Violin Solo – Contemplative, but many mistake it for being jealous.

Live Performance by Sam Schuth

Alto Clarinet Solo – Somewhat hateful

Eb Clarinet Solo – Hesitant – which unconsciously conceals being social.

Viola Solo – Enthusiastic

Tenor Saxophone Solo – Dull

Cello Solo – Board

English Horn Solo – Antisocial

Oboe Solo – Incredibly impulsive

String Bass Solo – Melancholy on the surface, but sociable underneath

Also can be played as a duet with Tenor Saxophone Solo – Dull.

Live Performance by Joshua DeScherer